Do you want to blow all of your settlement?


Then commit to a simple, straight forward, no frills financial plan.

We must have a frank conversation about your upcoming personal injury settlement. The odds are great that you will spend all the ready cash you receive in a settlement regardless if it is $5,000 or $5,000,000. It has been proven by all those who come before you EXCEPT those who plan prudently. Learn more »

Make a Plan for the Future:

  • Identify Expenses
  • Set Money Aside
  • Identify Trusted Advisors
  • Pledge to Follow the Plan

Now is the time to gain some financial security by setting aside some of your settlement for those tough future expenses. Work with us to identify those expenses and choose how to permanently set aside money for them. Identify who should know about your plan, who you can trust, and pledge to follow the plan.

Life is not all about just right now. Do you want to be like the lottery winner who spends it all and ends up the subject of books and television news? There are plenty of people who have won millions and are now broke and wish they never saw the money because they have ruined their lives and the lives of those around them.

Your attorney should be a trusted member of your team but their primary job does not include helping you plan your financial future. Preserve some of your settlement for the future by contacting us today.

settlement planning

Settlements & Planning

When your case settles, we will work with you and your attorney to be sure that you understand your options and can make choices knowing that it meets your interests.

brian loper

Your Advisor,
Brian Loper

We will partner with you to create a balanced plan to stretch settlement dollars over time and protect your best interests. I don’t want you to be injured a second time by spending all of your settlement.



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